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Homoeopathic Course


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A Z Homeopathy will empower you to live your life with awareness of your personality and homeopathic ways of navigating you inner healing powers in acute situations. You can also choose to pass coursework and receive IPHM certificate.

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Course Benefits

Who is it for

This course will satisfy beginners as well as those who consider them selves for health conscious. After this course you will no longer carry confusions about natural laws of cure and methods of aiding it. If you are looking for Life Style changes and you no longer willing to rely on conventional wellness paradigm then this program is for you!

What will you learn

This self help course integrates practical homeopathy approach kinesiology and health psychology. . You will learn how to intuitively and choose the remedies for acute and self developmental situations. You will understand self healing philosophy and receive tool kit for wellness maintenance.

How is it different

You have flexibility of absorbing knowledge at your time and choice of graduation with IPHM certificate in International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine certificate in Introductory Homeopathy. Practical approach to prescribing and repertorisng will enable you to find your self at ease and confidence in using homeopathy for life.